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Jean is having a bit of trouble with the wind…

Amigurumi pattern for Jean the Fox by designer Airali Handmade can be found in our new book Zoomigurumi 3!

Mr. Fox: “Oh pretty! Do you think that scarf would fit me?”

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Bedrich Grunzweig

New York International Airport (now JFK), 1962

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Catalogue For Harmony”, 1974


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Meyer May House, Grand Rapids, MI

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Meyer May House is considered to be an exemplary example of the Prairie style. Built in 1908-1909, it features a hip roof with broad overhanging eaves, art glass windows in horizontal bands and pale brick that were common features of Wright’s houses. Wright designed nearly every aspect of the house, including the furniture, windows, light fixtures and rugs. The house underwent a major restoration in 1986. Nearly everything appears as it would have originally, including a mural of hollyhocks that had been covered by layers of paint for years. The house is open for (free!) tours.

Photos Meyer May House/Grand Rapids Press

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Unofficial Map: KLM Airlines European Routes Map by Veenspace 

Submitted by Veenspace, who says:

I made this map inspired by a recent CityLab post on airline maps. It posed that most maps are geographically accurate but hard to read, and that the maps that do go for minimalism lose any geographical component. There’s a balance between the two that I wanted to achieve: readable & geographical. I chose to design it like a circuit board, with KLM’s central hub as the CPU.


Transit Maps says:

The circuit board conceit is perhaps a little gimmicky, with limited applications in the real world (an ad in a computer magazine?), but there’s no doubt that this is nicely executed work. I haven’t always been the greatest fan of subway map-styled airline route maps, far preferring the grandeur of the great arcs used in traditional airline maps, but this strikes a better balance than most, and has a definite aesthetic appeal of its own. Whimsical fun!

Source: transitmaps
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